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Dopday Marketing improves response rates by 8% for UW BEDC

The UW BEDC asked for help from Dopday Marketing help building a small dollar donar strategy using avenues such as social media and email to engage with their community.

Any good marketing campaign begins with data.  After analyzing 4 of their UW BEDC donor databases, Dopday Marketing identified some opportunities to improve their fundraising efforts by improving email.

Recent donors were not being added to their distribution list and alumni connected to the UW BEDC were donating to the UW, just not to the UW BEDC.  Dopday Marketing recommended improving the process to get recent donors on the email list immediately; featuring donors in social media with a public “Thank You!”; and improving message specificity to ensure affiliated alumni send some of their donor dollars toward the UW BEDC.

The UW BEDC began adding the recent donors to the email list – which grew the list by 7%.  Additionally, response rates improved by 8% month over month.

Next Steps: Dopday Marketing will be analyzing the email channel to find ways to improve response rates.

About the UW BEDC

Since 1995, the Business and Economic Development Center at the University of Washington Michael G. Foster School of Business has engaged students in learning experiences that bolster the competitiveness of hundreds of minority-owned, women-owned and other small businesses. A win for students. A win for the economy. The results? More than $85 million in new revenue generated and more than 6,000 jobs created and retained across Washington state.