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DopDay Marketing creates Content Strategy for UW BEDC

After reviewing 2 years email and newsletters sent by the UW BEDC to their donors, DopDay Marketing identified some easy fixes to improve overall channel performance.

  • The use of “Newsletter” in their subject line led to a 10% drop in open rates of their emails.
  • Emails with fewer than 5 articles saw click through rates drop by 20% or greater.
  • 75% of the call-to-action in the email was “READ MORE”
  • Of the 3 unique audiences, the content was not distributed in a consistent or coherent manner.

The UW BEDC has begun testing alternate subject lines to find the right combination to keep their open rates high.  DopDay Marketing is working with them to develop a content calendar that will help provide a higher level view of the content by month.  The calendar will help ensure that messages are being delivered to each audience, that the CTAs are varied and that each of their programs are getting the appropriate attention.  We also included a social media check sheet to make it easier to keep track of messaging that is distributed in other channels.